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  • holy shit, okay, apparently I’m not doing anything right these last few days.  so here’s my plan:  everyone just stop talking to me okay.  really, i can’t even anymore. 

    1. phoenixdragondreams said: Oh honey… *hugs you tight, tight*
    2. allthesongs said: *hugs*
    3. savysunbeam said: you can’t do that, or I’d be really, really sad. but that’s all I’ve wanted to do for the past month, so, I get it. *hug*
    4. glowings said: whatever is going on, i hope it gets better for you soon. I hate seeing you sad :’(
    5. yourbeautyeffulgent said: that sounds really terrible and if you did i would be really sad because i think you are quite quality and lovely. =( i am sorry things are sad now, and i wish i could make things better
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